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Hotel near Imaginosity: Dublin’s Children’s Museum

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Perfect for a rainy day, Imaginosity is a great place to bring children aged up to the age of 9 with curious minds.

The interactive museum offers three floors of exhibitions to challenge and encourage children to get curious about the world around them. Imaginosity is the only dedicated children’s museum in the South of the country, providing learning experiences for children up to the age of 9 years old.

What can you do in Imaginosity?

There is so much to explore from an area designed like a small town to a children’s theatre and construction zone.

Everything is interactive and the usual ‘do not touch’ in traditional museums does not apply here. The attractions include a:
• Garage
• Diner
• Post Office
• Market
• Water lab
So whether they want to experience what it’s like to drive a car, serve you dinner in the diner or sell you stamps in the post office, you are sure to have some great bonding time.

Why should I consider Imaginosity

Not only is it a place where your children will have lots of fun but they will also learn about the world around them in a fun way. It may also help them understand things they are studying in school like measurement, shapes, weight and balance.

15 Minute Drive Away

In even better news, Imaginosity is only a 20 minute drive from Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley. So jump into the car and let your children’s imagination run away! For a hotel near Imaginosity, book a room today.